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Results will take 4 to 6 weeks to engage.

What is needed to get started?

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Search Engine Optimization:

The searching the Internet has replaced the yellow pages for local business searches and has brought the global market to your monitor.

When potential customers use an Internet search to find a product or service, they'll do business with the businesses that appear in their search results.

As search engines modify their placement algorithms, websites must be continually refreshed and maintained to hold top placement in the search results. We have the skill and experience to bring even niche sites to the front.

Essential steps:
  • Identify and Define Goals
  • Define the Scope and Milestones
  • Research the industry key words
  • Modify webpages
  • Utilize other Web resources
  • Track results
  • Repeat to continually improve

Project Planning:

Good optimization begins with well laid out web pages the search engines can index quickly and efficiently. It requires iterative attention and updating to keep the search spiders attention.

We will work with you to accomplish your goals. There is a basic structure that we've learned must be applied and we will insert the changes that we know are necessary. A schedule for refreshing the pages should be established to maintain and improve standings with the search engines.

Amberdell Computer Technologies is able to deliver a fully optimized website, consistently ranked high in search results, for your particular industry. We spend the time reviewing statistics, requirements, and trends in order to apply key modifications and continually improve rankings.

Try this: Type in "Catalac Catamarans" in Google Search, Yahoo search,  MSN search, or your favorite search engine.  

Our site's address is http://www.catamaransite.com
This has been our test bed for optimization skills. Many hours are invested in finding ways to elevate a rather obscure sailing website and maintain it at the top of the search engine results. Yes, this is an informational website, but the technique of ranking it high in search engine results applies to any type of web site.